Three Cleaning Chores You need to Do Every Week

Three Cleaning Chores You need to Do Every Week

Three Cleaning Chores You need to Do Every Week We are able to get away with doing some chores less often compared to laundry and dishes, but they still have being done on a consistent schedule. Based on your family and home situation, waiting longer than a week for these chores can result in damage to surfaces, or perhaps leave you with a huge mess to fix once you eventually get around to it. Obviously, your personal circumstances are going to affect how frequently you have to perform these chores: one person will have to vacuum less often than the parent of 5 kids that are young!

It is up to you exactly how you divide up when you should do these weekly chores. I know lots of people that love to tackle just one or perhaps 2 weekly chores one day, while others choose to devote a block of time 1 day each week to handle all of their weekly tasks. The essential thing is usually to use a system to remember when each chore must be completed.

Vacuuming the home of yours on a weekly basis prevents the build up of dust, which may cause breathing problems and allergies for your guests and family. While high traffic areas might have to be vacuumed on a daily basis, other parts of the home require a good once over once a week. Vacuuming flooring adds years to the lifespan of the floors of yours.

Vacuuming Tip:

Make sure to generate a couple of passes over each section of the carpeting to ensure you’re really getting all the dirt.
Do not Forget to Vacuum:

Letting dust collect in the home of yours is able to result in breathing issues and dull looking surfaces. An excellent weekly dusting staves off the demand for much more intensive cleaning on a consistent schedule.

Dusting Tips:

Make sure to dust from the best to bottom to stop settling.
Think about making use of a vacuum attachment to suck up the dust, or perhaps a good microfiber cloth to trap dust particles.
Do not Forget to Dust:

Wall Coverings
Hard to achieve places
Spot Cleaning
There are several aspects of the homes of ours that receive such frequent use, they have to be tended to on a weekly basis. This preventative cleaning keeps these areas and rooms ready to be utilized and enjoyed. Here are a few things that might have to be cleaned weekly in the home of yours.

Do not Forget to:

Clean entry and patio doors
Clean and shake outdoor mats
Straighten bookshelves, , and books magazines
Fresh bathrooms
Change linens in all rooms
Clean the kitchen sink
Clean the toaster
Wipe down stovetops
Wipe down kitchen appliances
Clean the microwave (out) and inside
Spot clean walls
Clean leftovers from the fridge
Gather and take out the garbage If some thing you cleaned last week is spotless, do not be concerned about it. If this occurs on a routine basis, that chore may be nicely moved to month schedule. Because homes and families are very different, cleaning schedules have to be modified to fit the needs of the person.

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