Smashing Cleaning Services

Smashing Cleaning Services

CONSULTANTUAE’s Farnek buys Smashing Cleaning Services

Smashing comes with a yearly turnover of more than $2.7 million

 UAE-based facilities management business Farnek has announced in a news release that it’s acquired a Dubai based expert hygiene tight, Smashing Cleaning Services.

Though no specifics about the price of acquisition had been provided, the firm states that Smashing can be incorporated into the group’s Hitches & Glitches business.

Smashing was founded in 2004 and also has a yearly turnover of excess of $2.7 zillion (AED ten million). It employees comprises of sixty five technicians which regulate its 2,500 client base including Aldar, Etihad, Jumeirah and Emirates.

Its thirty two different kinds of specialised solutions consist of air duct cleaning, household air quality testing, kitchen area fumes cleaning, water container cleaning as well as pipeline disinfection.

Some other solutions consist of cleaning beaches, apartment trash chutes, clothes ducts, grease snares, empty lines and also mist screens and HVAC (heating, ventilation, atmosphere conditioning) duct smoke cigarettes tests.

Markus Oberlin, CEO at Farnek, said: “These professional services dovetail nicely with our current proposition – standard FM, smart home solutions, sustainable maintenance and SME packages. We envisage advantages from the economies of scope this acquisition will provide – that’s a wider range of products for every call out and internet permission to access these new services.

“The technicians at Smashing are all highly trained, suitably capable and therefore are conversant with the pertinent local power accreditation and comply with global industry associations and global quality, health, environmental standards and safety, offering synergy with the technical capabilities of our current workforce.”

The company also mentioned that many of Smashing’s workers is shifted to Farnek’s mind workplace and the current headquarters of its will be as a supplies and storage facility.

James Day, who’s presently the handling director of Smashing will head the latest Glitches and Hitches entity going ahead, and also shall be assisted by Lukas Eigenmann, COO of Farnek.

Day said: “Farnek may be the region’s major sustainability consultancy and has a great quantity of expertise with energy control programmes, that’ll offer a good deal of synergy with the own environmental initiatives of ours. At exactly the same time through the Hitches and Farnek & Glitches makes, together we are able to broaden the assortment of solutions we are able to offer.”

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