Husband VS Wife: Epic Cleaning Challenge!

Husband VS Wife: Epic Cleaning Challenge!

Husband VS Wife: Epic Cleaning Challenge!


Welcome to the 1st installment of Husband VS Wife: Cleaning Challenge! World-renowned cleaning authority Melissa Maker assumes the husband of her, Chad Reynolds, within an epic home cleaning challenge. Follow together as the pair add twenty minutes on the timepiece as well as tackle a disaster of a kitchen. The stage is set so that every competitor is responsible for:


Each contestant will have 20 mins within the clock.

All surfaces have to be free, cleared, and cleaned of debris.

All meals have to be invest the dishwasher.

The floor and the sink has to be free and clean of debris.

Most pans and pots must be cleaned, dried, and place away.

While time is essential in this task, as in all of cleaning routines the most crucial part is a proper and thorough cleaning from the best to bottom. In order to finish this challenge every one of the competitors will have a chance to access the following cleaning methods and products:


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All-Purpose Cleaner

Dish Soap

Cooking Soda

Scotch-Brite Brand Sponges

Microfiber Cloths

Once the votes are tallied, we’ll see if the cleaning specialist lives as many as her squeaky clean track record!

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